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Welcome to the new LeadForward Series from Times 10 Publications. LeadForward features world class teacher leaders, sharing the stories and strategies that will inspire you to be the best you can be, while always leading forward.

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Intentional Strategies for Impactful Leadership

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By Sanée Bell (@saneebell)

Excellence is a journey where one discovers who they are, what they value, and the principles that drive them. Pursuers of excellence are able to see barriers as obstacles that they can overcome. In fact, it is those barriers and challenges that strengthen them in their pursuit of excellence.

Being Excellent on Purpose means not making excuses but making a plan for life and working the plan to make it a reality. Longtime teacher, author, presenter, and Principal of the Year Sanée Bell shares personal and professional stories and strategies that will make your own leadership both intentional and impactful, in the inaugural book in this revolutionary new leadership series.

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Leaning into the Soft Skills of Leadership

By Jessica Cabeen (@jessicacabeen)

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With technology, we interact with families, students, and staff 24-7–not just during the school day or working hours. Pressures and demands at work can sway who we are and how we do it into a personality that favors more likes than the authentic interactions that are needed to establish deep relationships with the students we are serving. So, we need grace more than ever. Throughout this book, you’ll read stories and strategies that will allow you to walk away with key practices and exercises that will build confidence so you can extend grace with others. School leader, author, and keynote speaker Jessica Cabeen provides frames that will empower anyone–teacher, principal, parent, or superintendent–to lead with grace:

  • Snapshot: story of grace in action.
  • Grace defined: a description of the skill and how to strengthen abilities to lead.
  • Grace in practice: ways to grow in the soft skills in your daily interactions with others.
  • Grace in action: Challenges for you to create ways to put this practice in place tomorrow.

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Unleashing the True Potential of Introverts

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By Chrissy Romano Arrabito (@TheConnectedEDU)

The grade level or content you teach doesn’t matter, you will have them sitting in your room: the introverts, the quiet kids, and the not-so-quiet, but introverts just the same. They don’t cause trouble and, for the most part, they earn good grades. But these are the kids that tend to fade into the background and slip through the cracks. The ones who are so often overlooked or in some cases misunderstood.

In LeadForward Series Book number 3, Chrissy Romano provides a guidebook to help you better understand the nature of all types of introverts, allay the many misconceptions about them, and to provide some useful tips and strategies to help these students reach their full potential. Quiet Kids Count is a call to action for educators to step up and meet the needs of ALL learners–not just the ones that command the most attention in your schools.

Quiet Kids Count is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and stores near you soon.


Reimagining Teacher Mentorship

By Suzy Brooks (@simplysuzy) & Matthew X. Joseph (@matthewxjoseph)

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As modern mentors, how can we shift our practices as individuals or make widespread change happen in our systems? Mentoring is not the process of checking a box; it is the process of developing colleagues who eventually work alongside us in a challenging profession where collaboration, connection, and consistency are all so vital for our students.

Having a menu of strategies will ensure knowing exactly what you will get!  The goal of this book is to showcase ways to develop mentoring programs, designed to assist teachers in becoming strong mentors and to assist new teachers in getting the most out of their mentoring relationship.

Veteran educators, recognized school leaders, and expert mentors Suzy Brooks and Matthew X. Joseph bring you the Stories and Strategies that will help you turn novice educators into EduStars.

Modern Mentor is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and stores near you soon.


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