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HACKING ENGAGEMENT: Some students hate your class. Others are just bored. Many are too nice, or too afraid, to say anything about it. Don’t let it bother you; it happens to the best of us. But now, it’s time to engage! 

Read it today — Fix it tomorrow

In this seventh book in the Hack Learning Series, veteran high school teacher, author, and popular podcaster James Sturtevant provides 50–that’s right Five-oh–tips and tools that will engage even the most reluctant learners daily, and some will make you a better professional.

Check out Jim’s amazing engagement hacks:

  1. Celebrity Couple Nicknames
  2. Class Procedures Night at the Improv
  3. Artifact Sharing
  4. The Grand Inquisitor
  5. The Virtual Bulletin Board
  6. Solve a Mystery
  7. Engage Archie Jr.
  8. Scavenge for Learning
  9. Let Them Draw
  10. Break the Ice
  11. Film a Movie Trailer
  12. Embrace Yoga Pants
  13. Create Service Learning Projects
  14.  and 37 more. . .

And never miss an episode of Jim Sturtevant’s Hacking Engagement podcast.

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