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Hacking the Common Core

The fourth book in the Hack Learning Series, Hacking the Common Core: 10 Strategies for Amazing Learning in a  Standardized world, helps teachers and parents understand that learning can be meaningful and fun, no matter what kind of standards are being used.

In Hacking the Common Core, longtime teacher and CCSS specialist Mike Fisher shows you how to bring fun back to learning, with 10 amazing hacks for reading and math standards, for teaching the Core in all subjects.

Fisher’s experience and insights help teachers and parents better understand close reading, balancing fiction and nonfiction, using projects with the Core, and much more.

Hacking the Common Core provides read-tonight-implement-tomorrow strategies for teaching the standards in fun and engaging ways, improving teaching and learning for students, parents, and educators.

Hacking the Common Core

Hacking the Common Core is available in paperback and eBook versions via Amazon, Barnes & Noble and in stores worldwide.

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