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Aren’t you tired of the lies that traditional grades and GPAs tell about your students and your children? Do numbers, letters, and meaningless report card comments that say nothing about a child’s abilities make your blood boil? You’re not alone. Teachers, students, and parents around the world want something better, something transparent and precise. It’s time to remove the labels and begin the conversation, with the Bestselling Hacking Assessment: 10 Ways to Go Gradeless in a Traditional Grades School.

Hacking Assessment - Hack Learning Series

Read it today–fix it tomorrow!

As debate rages about best practices in grading, veteran teacher, author, and internationally recognized blogger Starr Sackstein reveals 10 classroom-tested, practical ways that any teacher can go gradeless–even in a traditional grades school. In true Hacker style, Sackstein demonstrates how to empower students with open dialogue, reflection, and self-evaluation, so they become enthusiastic learners who never ask, “What’s it worth?”

When you learn how to hack assessment, you’ll be able to:

  • Shift your mindset away from numbers, letters, and other labels
  • Encourage the community to rally around a gradeless classroom
  • Rebrand assignments to facilitate open dialogue
  • Teach students to provide feedback for their peers
  • Use digital tools to mobilize conversations about learning
  • Never place a number or a letter on another piece of work

If you want your students to care more about learning than they do about labels, then it’s time to hack assessment. It’s time to build a culture of self-evaluative independent learners. It’s time to go gradeless.

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