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Inspired by a Washington Post article comparing the college admission process to the Hunger Games, Mark Barnes offers three hacks that can revolutionize this process.

The message we inadvertently send: A prestige acceptance is better than a joyful childhood. — Brennan Barnard

Three ways to hack the college admissions process

1 – Eviscerate the GPA – If academic scholarships are to be awarded, they should be based on a portfolio of artifacts, interviews, and feedback that truly provide evidence of performance and achievement.

2 – Ignore colleges who refuse to carefully review portfolios — It’s not difficult. With digital portfolios like FreshGrade, a web and mobile platform that empowers students to take their learning with them forever. Now, reviewing a body of work is a mouse click or finger swipe away.

3 – Embrace colleges that are student centric environments – not exclusive, we’re-better-than-you or you’re-lucky-to-be-here country club schools.

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