Hack Learning 101: How to Build Your Tribe with a Twitter Hashtag

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The Twitter hashtag empowers users to build a tribe of like-minded people, who can help you learn and engage in meaningful conversation about a specific topic 24/7.

In 2015, we created the hashtag #HackLearning; to be fully transparent, we hijacked it. There were only a handful of tweets containing the hashtag #HackLearning, so we informed our audience that we’d be using it to share amazing information about better teaching and learning.

We wanted to brand Hack Learning and encourage amazing teachers and learners to share best practices, resources, and opinions on the subject, so we just did it: There’s no magic to creating or joining a hashtag. You simply add the hashtag to your tweet. The hashtag becomes a clickable link on Twitter, so anyone clicking it will automatically see all tweets on that topic.

Here’s what a hashtag feed on Twitter looks like: 

If you want to engage learners in a chat about tornados, just combine your name or school mascot with “tornados”. It might look like this: #Barnestornados or #Tigerstornados. Adding the name in front of the subject will brand your hashtag so you don’t have unwanted interlopers joining your conversation, if you want to keep your Twitter chat private, that is.

Love cars? Tweet to #carhonk; we just made that up, but people have actually used it in the past. No matter, though, because its inactive (no tweets this year), you can hijack it, and create your own car lover’s tribe.

Are you a coach? Why not communicate with your volleyball players, using a unique hashtag — maybe something like, #ArmadilloVB, if your nickname is the Armadillos. No one uses that hashtag (yes, we checked).

While a Twitter hashtag can be a global feed, used by millions (you can find them on Twitter trends), it can also be something intimate that you create for a school, class, family, or friends. Either way, Twitter hashtags will make you smarter or happier, or both.

Start one today, and if you want us to join your conversation, share your hashtag in our comment section below.

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