Hack Learning 101: The Power of Periscope

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Are you teaching and learning with Periscope? If not, you may be missing out on one of the most powerful tools for personal and professional growth.

In this edition of Hack Learning 101, Hack Learning creator and social media guru Mark Barnes provides some super quick tips (about 101 seconds) for improving teaching and learning with Periscope–Twitter’s live, interactive video streaming tool.

Getting started with Periscope

1 – Download the app: Periscope is in your app store and is, of course, free.

2 – Connect with your Twitter account: You can use your phone number if you don’t have a Twitter account (why would you not use Twitter?). Connecting Periscope with Twitter enables you to stream your videos live to not only your Periscope audience, which may be small or even non-existent at first, but to your Twitter feed. That’s right, people can view your Periscope videos on Twitter while you’re producing them, or they can see them in your Twitter feed feed later. Do you even realize how crazy powerful this is?

3 – Produce a short video: Sure, it’s a bit scary at first; you’re about to send a video into cyberspace for the world to see. Start small. Record a brief selfie video (tap the screen on your device and you’ll have the option to flip the camera, so it’s on your face). Introduce yourself and provide one useful or entertaining piece of content. Pull down on your screen to end your broadcast.

4 – Use a hashtag: Like Twitter, Periscope will send your broadcast to a hashtag on Twitter. Why not add #HackLearning to your Periscope video title (don’t forget to type your title into your broadcast), and we’ll see your amazing production.

Periscope gives teachers and learners the opportunity to share video of anything live, while narrating the action. Consider what you might do with the power of Periscope, and tell us about it in the comment section below.

And, of course, share your Periscope video with us on Twitter at #HackLearning.

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