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HACKING LEADERSHIP: Water always finds its way. It has the ability to replenish our system, power equipment, or wipe out cities. Leaders have similar properties. One may conform to the environment as water would with a cup. Another is a tidal wave, tearing down the entire school population.

Hacking Leadership

The best leaders, though, are like streams wending their way to a hungry crop. They find the smallest cracks of opportunity and create new paths to success.

Read it today — Fix it tomorrow

Hacking Leadership, the fifth installment of the Hack Learning Series, award-winning administrators Joe Sanfelippo and Tony Sinanis identify 10 problems with school leadership and provide right-now solutions for building a rich community, while bringing fun back to school. These lead learners and experienced education hackers show you how to:

  • Amplify individual staff needs while maintaining a collaborative vision
  • Break down the walls between home and school
  • Empower students and staff to own their space
  • Create a culture where “Yes” and “Trust” are the default
  • Eliminate initiative overload
  • Sustain momentum and inspire all stakeholders

How to be a lead learner -- Hack Learning

Implement these strategies today, and turn your school into a place that every teacher, student, and parent will love tomorrow. Grab your copy of Hacking Leadership now.


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