Hack Learning 101: How Self-Evaluation Changes Practice

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Educators and parents often say, “Hack Learning is based on simple solutions for problems. So, what’s one simple thing more traditional educators can do to change their mindset?”

There is indeed one thing that not just teachers can do to immediately change their mindset, and its foundation is built on one word: self-evaluation.

In another under two-minute hack, Mark Barnes is joined by Missouri principal and globally connected educator Naomi Austin, who shares her story of change.

After some serious reflection and self-evaluation, Austin decided that her assessments were not efficiently assessing her students.

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This epiphany led Austin and a colleague to drastically change their practice and Austin’s mindset about traditional grades.

Learn how Self-Evaluation Changes Practice in the Hack Learning 101 podcast episode embedded above, and tell us how self-evaluation has helped you hack your mindset.

Learn more about Naomi Astin on her Twitter feed.

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