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Student engagement just got real…again!

HACKING ENGAGEMENT AGAIN: Quite simply, 50 engagement hacks were not enough.

Hacking Engagement Again

July 2017, Times 10 Books

The moment Hacking Engagement was published, brand new engagement ideas kept blossoming and demanding airtime. Hacking Engagement Again represents these tender blossoms ripening into delicious fruit.

This fruit is now yours for the picking. Build off what you’ve applied from Hacking Engagement and captivate your students at an even deeper level.

Read it today-fix it tomorrow

This book contains 50 more hacks that are easy to comprehend and apply. Approach the table of contents like a cookbook. Peruse, find the perfect recipe, and make tomorrow’s lesson irresistible. These hacks will transform old lesson plans and inspire new approaches to teaching essential topics in your curriculum. Let this book inspire you to:

  • Engage kids by applying provocative templates to each lesson
  • Engage kids by using tech tools that you’ll want to return to again, again, and again
  • Engage kids by building deep relationships
  • Engage kids by sponsoring powerful student expression
  • Engage kids by facilitating a profoundly joyful classroom

Wait, there’s more!

Hacking Engagement Again contains 53 QR codes that whisk you away to more powerful FREE resources!

Student engagement is essential to the learning process. Apply James Sturtevant’s resources and strategy and start hearing: I can’t believe this class is almost over! What other classes do you teach? I never liked Social Studies till this class! This class is my favorite!

Your students are waiting. It’s time to engage.

While you eagerly await the arrival of Hacking Engagement Again, check out the first Hacking Engagement.

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Sneak Peek at Hacking Engagement Again

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Hacking Engagement Again debuts No. 1 on Amazon!

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