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Inspire Students to Use Technology More Meaningfully with EdTech Missions

HACKING DIGITAL LEARNING STRATEGIES WITH EDTECH MISSIONS: Teaching with technology is no longer just an option; it’s an expectation. Schools want to encourage learning through the Internet and web tools, but the practice can be clunky and ineffective.

Students rarely get to make a real difference with their technology use, and teachers are often missing the support they need to make big changes.

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Read it today – fix it tomorrow!

Teachers now have the book to give their curricula a digital overhaul! In Hacking Digital Learning Strategies (available NOW!Shelly Sanchez Terrell, an international teacher trainer, digital innovator, and NAPW Woman of the Year, provides educators with 10 EdTech missions to inspire student action with technology.

This book gives teachers the language, resources and steps to create mission-minded learners who use web tools and social media to innovate, research, collaborate, problem-solve, campaign, crowd fund, crowdsource, and publish.

When you learn how to hack digital learning with EdTech missions, you’ll be able to motivate students to:

  • Develop multimedia instructional guides to teach others
  • Crowdsource research with curation tools
  • Contribute knowledge to a digital textbook
  • Report news and facts accurately in the age of real-time, citizen journalism
  • Create crowdfunded campaigns to raise awareness for causes
  • Remix digital content and media while adhering to fair usage and copyright rules
  • Reflect on the values spread through social media

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Launch EdTech missions with your students today and watch as they improve their communities, enhance their digital skills, and make a meaningful impact on the world.

Each Hack in Hacking Digital Learning Strategies includes Mission Prep, so you can launch tomorrow:

Check out all 10 Missions in Hacking Digital Learning Strategies

Mission Toolkit Included

Hacking Digital Learning Strategies comes complete with a powerful Mission Toolkit, providing templates you can use in your classroom immediately. Feel free to copy and distribute items in the Toolkit, like Mission Cards.

Social Media Profile mission card

1 of 10 Mission Cards educators can copy and use in class


Print Mission Cards and use them in class

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