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HACKING LITERACY: Do many of your students hate to read? Is your faith in current pedagogy waning? Have you concluded that some students are doomed to be non-readers for life?

Before you give up hope, consider changing your strategy.

Read it today — Fix it tomorrow

In this sixth book in the Hack Learning Series, high school English teacher Gerard Dawson describes five ways teachers can transform any classroom into a thriving culture of readers. Imagine your space full of students who choose to read every single day, measure their own progress, and create their own vibrant reading community.

From Hacking Literacy by Gerard Dawson

From Hacking Literacy (Times 10, August 2016)

Now, open this book and marvel at how quickly this vision becomes your reality. Commit to Hacking Literacy and learn to:

  • Build momentum by focusing on the readers instead of the reading
  • Give students a choice, even while following your curriculum
  • Fill your classroom with books students want to read
  • Use assessments to encourage even the most reluctant readers
  • Spread the love of reading throughout your school

A place where students always have books that they can’t put down and love to discuss is truly a beautiful place.

Implement the strategies in Hacking Literacy, and make that place your classroom and your school today.


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