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Hacking Homework

The Homework Debate Is Ending

Because traditional assignments are being hacked

Hacking Homework: Are you tired of the same old excuses for missing homework? “My printer is broken; I emailed it to you; I forgot my backpack.” Is the routine of creating and grading nightly homework wearing you down?

Are you still wondering: Is homework valuable? Is homework unnecessary? It’s time to stop the excuses and end the debate! Educators, students, and parents are ready for change, and Hacking Homework brings it.

Hacking Homework-Hack Learning chat

Hacking Homework is available October 2016

Read it today – fix it tomorrow

As schools and educators continue to struggle with homework, renowned teachers and presenters Starr Sackstein and Connie Hamilton provide 10 practical solutions to common problems associated with learning outside the classroom, including:

  • Teaching students to be accountable for learning during the school day
  • Shaping homework policies with teachers and administrators
  • Building relationships with parents and empowering them to guide learning at home
  • Shaking up how learning happens at home
  • Connecting play with learning (It should be both meaningful and fun!)
  • Helping students self-assess and track learning at home
Inside Hacking Homework, coming October 2016

Inside Hacking Homework, coming October 2016

If you want all stakeholders to embrace and enjoy learning beyond the school day, you have to create amazing opportunities that kids can’t wait to complete.

Give students the joy of independent learning today, and watch the homework debate disappear forever.

Look for Hacking Homework October 2016.



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