What Is Your Inspirational Story?

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While it may seem cliche, tragic times require inspirational stories. Sometimes the tragedies breed the story. Other times, we need an inspirational story to help us cope with daily stress.

In Episode 98 of the Hack Learning Podcast, embedded below and available on iTunes, Mark Barnes shares a story about Emily–a seventh grader who, shockingly, came to his class as a young teen who had never before voluntarily read a book.

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The Problem: Many kids hate reading. When kids aren’t surrounded by books and read to from very young ages, they will likely become reluctant readers.

If teachers force feed classroom novels on students, never giving them choice in what they read, their reluctance often turns into hatred, and they may never voluntarily read a book.

The Hack: Spark their interest. The easiest way to inspire even the most reluctant readers to gravitate to books is to help them find something that interests them, no matter what kind of book it is. Show them books. Invite them to hold them, smell them, peruse them, and take them home.

What You Can Do Tomorrow: Start building a library. Surround your students and your own children with books. Build a library in your classroom, no matter what subject you teach. Kids must see books, if they are to join the culture of readers.

Building a classroom library is easy and can be inexpensive. For great strategies on building a classroom library, check out Hacking Literacy, by Gerard Dawson.

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