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Need money for school supplies or some other project? Need some books for PD? Want a cool T-Shirt to show off your Hack Learning spirit? We want to give you what you need and more.

The contest has begun. Hurry, post your video today. If you tweet it, we’ll add it to our video page here.

It’s a Video Contest!

Our Back to School Video Contest is just what you need. We’re giving winners very cool prizes, including two big cash prizes.

All you have to do to enter is something you’re already good at–shoot some video with your mobile device and share it on social media! How hacky is this?

When is the contest?

Starts Sunday July 23, 2017

Ends Monday August 7, 2017

You have a couple of weeks to make your video go viral!

The Particulars

We want the world to know how educators are using our hacks to improve teaching and learning this coming school year.

So, here’s how you can help spread the world and be entered to win:

Record a video that is 20-60 seconds of you or a family member or a friend or colleague holding a Hack Learning Series book. Need one? Here they are.

Include the following in your video:

  • Book title
  • The phrase Hack Learning (say it at least once anytime during your video)
  • A few sentences or video illustration of how you’ll use what you’ve learned to improve your school or class this year (the more creative you are the better)
  • Share your video on Twitter and/or Facebook (you’re free to share elsewhere, but Twitter and FB are where you score points for the contest)
  • Use hashtag #HackLearning in your posts (this makes it easy for us to find your video)
  • Tag Mark Barnes on Facebook and @markbarnes19 on Twitter
  • You can enter as often as you like; remember, a second video may be more popular than your first. So, the more you enter, the better chance you have to win

A not-so-creative sample (you can do better)

How you score points

The scoring system is pretty simple:

Every like on Facebook and/or a like (heart) on Twitter = 1 point

Every share on Facebook and/or a retweet on Twitter = 2 points

Example: You share your video on Facebook and Twitter. It receives 100 likes on FB (100 points), 75 hearts on Twitter (75 points), 25 shares on FB (50 points), and 40 retweets on Twitter (80 points). Your Back to School Video Contest entry earns a total of 305 points

NOTE: you may retweet your own video up to 5 times (that’s 10 built-in points you should take advantage of)

Hacky contest tips

  • Make your video super creative–think, “What makes videos viral?”
  • Ask people to share, like, and retweet your video, but emphasize sharing and retweeting; tell them to help you win the contest
  • Post a link on your blog that leads to your shared video on Twitter and/or Facebook
  • Pin your video to your Twitter and Facebook pages
  • Mention major influencers in your Tweet and tag them on Facebook, so they’ll share your video
  • Remind people often to like and share your video, as the contest lasts a month
  • Ask for likes and shares (try this: “Hey, if you like and share my video, you can help me win cash for the upcoming school year!”)
  • You may NOT purchase likes or retweets (yes, our sophisticated bean counters will know)

Another Back to School video example

The prizes

Every single Back to School Video entry wins a book!

Wait, what? You read right. We’re going to send an eBook to you when you share your video. Just use our contact page, and ask for your free Hack Learning eBook. We’ll send it right away!

The 3rd-place video producer wins:

1 paperback copy of every currently-published Hack Learning book and a Hack Learning T-Shirt

The 2nd-place video producer wins:

1 paperback copy of every currently-published Hack Learning book, plus a Hack Learning T-Shirt, and $250.00 cash (payable through PayPal)

The 1st-place video producer and grand prize winner wins:

1 copy of every currently-published Hack Learning book, plus a Hack Learning T-shirt, and $500 cash (payable through PayPal)

Produce your video today

Why wait? Produce your Hack Learning Back to School video today; put it on YouTube (this is, of course, optional); then share it with the world on Facebook and Twitter on Sunday July 23. Then tell everyone you know to like and share it!

Remember to tag Mark Barnes on Facebook and @markbarnes19 on Twitter

How winners collect

First, it’s very important that you follow @markbarnes19 on Twitter. All winners will be announced on Twitter and messaged with details about collecting your prize. NOTE: if @markbarnes19 can’t reach you on Twitter, you forfeit your prize to the person with the next highest-point total.

A few obscure things you should know

  • This contest is sponsored only by Hack Learning and Times 10 Publications, an imprint of The Paperless Classroom, LLC
  • Top three prizes are awarded based on a minimum of 10 people entering the contest
  • No other brands should be mentioned or displayed in your video
  • Anyone directly affiliated with Hack Learning and/or Times 10 Publications is ineligible to win (sharing a Back to School video is always welcomed)
  • Hack Learning and/or its assigns will not use your video in any paid advertisement, unless you grant written permission to do so to Times 10 Publications

Questions about the contest?

Tweet us @markbarnes19 or email us, using our contact page.