Hack Learning Reimagines Problem Solving


What’s Hack Learning?

Hack Learning is education stakeholders who write books, publish podcast episodes, produce online courses and other digital content that help you solve big problems with simple ideas.

The Hack Learning Series is produced by Times 10 for anyone who wants to excel at teaching and learning–teachers, school leaders, parents, entrepreneurs, community members, college professors, and students. Check out our bestselling books on the Books tab above, or look inside any title at HackLearningBooks.com.

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Times 10 Books and Hack Learning provide more free content than any publisher anywhere (we’ll give away nearly $100,000 worth of books in 2017!).

We challenge you to find anyone else does this? Why wouldn’t you join other Hack Learning Ambassadors who swim in this ocean of amazing free content?

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Our books are based on the Revolutionary Hack Learning Formula

Unlike your typical education text, Hack Learning books are light on research and statistics and heavy on practical advice from people who have actually experienced the problems about which they write. Each book in the series contains an introduction, followed by up to a series of Hacks--each following our unique, revolutionary Hack Learning Formula:

  1. The Problem: a brief summary of each issue
  2. The Hack: an overview of how to “hack” each problem
  3. What You Can Do Tomorrow: steps you can take immediately to impact teaching and learning right now
  4. A Blueprint for Full Implementation: detailed steps for capacity building
  5. Pushback: we anticipate the pushback and show you how to face it head on
  6. The Hack in Action: we demonstrate how someone has actually implemented each hack successfully

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4 thoughts on “Hack Learning Reimagines Problem Solving”

  1. I stumbled upon the Hack Learning Series on Amazon and after reading the samples of quite of few of the titles I was hooked!!! I am currently reading Make Writing – and loving it. There are so many great ideas to motivate reluctant writers!! I am looking forward to reading and learning from more books in this series. Today I also discovered the podcast and have downloaded all the episodes so I can start listening!!

  2. Look at the challenges, check out the data and think about what kinds or problems you want to address. Then think about the skills in your team, and look at what you can learn from the workshops and mentors to help you decide if you want to make a web app, a visualisation, or a native app for some device. Anything goes! Some of the challenges are pretty broad, and it should be easy to make something that fits under more than one…

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