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Hack Learning Ambassadors share our mission to improve teaching, learning, and leading. They blog about our books, moderate chats on Twitter and Voxer, and some even deliver workshops around Hack Learning topics.

We value these game changers and want to give back.

To that end, we now invite you to join our Ambassador’s Affiliate Program. (We’re currently looking for just 10 new Affiliates.)

What’s an Affiliate Program, anyway?

The Affiliate Program gives you unique web links to our products. When you share those with friends, colleagues, and/or your social networks, and people grab that product, you earn an Affiliate Commission (real money!).

Best of all, to “get your feet wet,” we want you to give away one of our books for FREE (people love free), and Hack Learning will pay you for every single giveaway.

It’s really this easy: You share info about a free product with your network, any way you like. When they sign up, you make money!

Yes, we’re serious!

We will pay you 50 cents for every single person who signs up for our free book. When you give away 100, we’ll drop $50 in your PayPal account!

Sure, keep doing the math; it’s fun. If 1,000 people sign up through your unique Affiliate web link, we’ll pay you $500! Get 2,000 people to sign up, that’s right, you guessed it, we’ll pay you a cool One Thousand Dollars!

And all you have to do is give away a fantastic feature-length book that can be read on any computer or device! We make no revenue on this; we only pay out.

So why do we do it?

Here are two simple, transparent, completely honest reasons:

  1. We want to improve innovation in education on a global scale, and we know this book accomplishes this goal
  2. We want to expose educators around the world to the Hack Learning Series, and this book provides sample chapters from 10 great books

Simple Steps to Begin Sharing & Earning

  1. Join our Ambassador’s Affiliate program, click here to sign up

  2. Learn how to use your Hack Learning Academy Affiliate dashboard (you’ll get an email)

  3. If you don’t have a PayPal account, sign up now (it’s how you get paid)

  4. Grab your unique Affiliate web link for 10 Innovative Solutions — the free downloadable book, Hack Learning Anthology

  5. Use our ready-made assets, along with your unique product link, to entice people to download our free book

  6. Use your unique affiliate web link, which you’ll find on your Hack Learning Academy affiliate dashboard

  7. Before you go, remember to sign up for our Affiliate Program here

Assets for 10 Innovative Solutions Giveaway

Save any or all of these images to your computer or device and add them to your emails or social shares, along with your unique product affiliate web link.

Emphasize to your friends and social connections that this is a downloadable eBook, available in three formats for any computer or device and, best of all, it is absolutely FREE.

There is never any obligation to buy anything. Tell people that Hack Learning’s mission is to help teachers and leaders improve their practice. That’s all!

Free Hack Learning Anthology

Hack Learning Anthology

WAIT! You have to sign up here, in order to receive Affiliate Program Commissions.

Hurry, we’re only looking for 10 new Affiliates, at this point.