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Marketing Hacks — How to Promote Your Book

Times 10 maintains an always-evolving, aggressive marketing plan for the Hack Learning Series and other books, all or our books and their authors. We also rely heavily on you to tell the world about your special project.

This page provides a growing list of videos and other resources that will help you promote your work. 

Be sure to bookmark this page and check in periodically for cool new marketing ideas.

Sell your book through and get paid twice for every sale


If you need to learn how to build an audience, grab this course. Share graphics, quotes from your book, topics, polls, etc., and include a link to your Amazon landing page. Be sure to tweet to hashtag #HackLearning, as there is a big audience there. Tweet your book links to other popular hashtags like, #satchat, #sunchat, #edchat, #edtech, #TMchat etc.

Amazon Author Page

Create your author page immediately and feature all of your books.


Create a slideshow or upload your existing Powerpoint to Slideshare’s powerful platform; then, easily share it to your networks.

Because it’s owned by LinkedIn, you can upload a Slideshare presentation to LinkedIn with a single click. Don’t forget to add a link to your Amazon landing page to multiple slides on your Slideshare. Here is an example of a SlideShare for Hacking Education. It’s been viewed nearly 10,000 times and generated many book sales.

Facebook groups/pages/live videos

Create a group about your book’s topic. Upload videos of you talking about your topic to FB. This is personal, and people like personal. Plus, you can use the Facebook Live video feature and interact with your members live! Learn more about FB live here.


Join Goodreads as an author, and conduct a book giveaway. See the video below about creating a Goodreads giveaway, which can easily attract hundreds of new readers and reviewers.

Green Inbox

Blast an email to thousands of FB or Twitter friends.


A marvelous free social share tool. Blast out your message and a link to your book and ask your PLN to share it.

Start your own podcast on Spreaker

To learn all about creating your own podcast in minutes and how to add it to iTunes, check out this Hack Learning podcast episode and blog post. The video tutorial below shows you how to use Spreaker Studio, which is available on the Spreaker site or can be downloaded to your desktop or mobile device. You can easily create an account on iTunes and automatically publish your episodes there when you publish on Spreaker.

Spreaker is one of the hackiest podcast creation programs available.

Local bookstore promotions

A wonderful way to inspire your local Barnes & Noble or independent bookseller to buy your books is to conduct an event. Great times are beginning of the school year Back to School events, holidays, and Teacher Appreciation days/weeks. Contact the B & N Community Relations Manager or indie store owner. Introduce yourself as an author/educator and outline a presentation you’d like to give (say, “I’ll discuss X for about 15 minutes). Of course, you want the store to buy your book, so be sure to explain that the book is published by Times 10 Publications and is available through Ingram at the industry standard discount and is returnable. Note: “industry standard discount” and “returnable” are the magic words.

Barnes & Noble will rarely turn you down, once they know that they can’t lose when ordering your book. Also, they need events. One more thing: Don’t say you want to do a book signing; instead, explain that you want to share some valuable info and meet and greet attendees and, of course, you’ll be happy to sign books for any interested customers. If you do even three bookstore events per year, you might sell 150-200 books. Plus, if your book does well, the stores are likely to keep them in stock.

FINALLY, be sure to give the Hack Learning Series book description page to the Community Relations Manager; this will make ordering very easy for her.

NOTE: the Library/Bookstore book list is attached below.

Author/Vendor program

Many of our authors are selling their Hack Learning Series book at conferences and schools and making a bigger royalty while doing it. Buy 20 or more copies of your book directly from Times 10 Publications (contact Mark Barnes), at a substantial discount. Then, sell them in the field at any price.

In most cases, you can make 3-5 times what you would with your standard royalty share. Here’s an example of the numbers: If your book sells for $22.95 you pay $9.50 per copy (about 58% off retail, which is more than Barnes & Noble gets). Times 10 covers shipping in the U.S. Now, sell your book to your trainees at, say, $20 (a considerable savings for buyers, who can get an autographed copy from the author and don’t have to pay shipping costs). Sell 100 copies, and you’ll net $1,050.00. NICE!

Any questions? Reach out to Mark on Voxer or via email. 

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