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Hack Learning Series books, brought to you by Times 10 Publications, are written by educators, authors and presenters–regarded as top experts in their profession. They help you solve big problems with simple ideas.

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Hacking Engagement Again

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The Revolutionary Hack Learning Formula

Unlike your typical education text, Hack Learning books are light on research and statistics and heavy on practical advice and remarkably simple strategies provided by people who have actually experienced the problems about which they write.

Inside Our Books

Introduction: Our Hackers shed some light on the book’s topic: Education, Assessment, Digital Literacy, Standardization, Leadership, Digital Learning, Parenthood, Student Engagement, Literacy, Google, etc. In a brief overview, we explain the issues and present a snapshot of our hacks.

Hack Learning Anthology

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Hacks: Chapters containing:

  1. The Problem: a brief summary of each issue
  2. The Hack: an overview of how to “hack” each problem
  3. What You Can Do Tomorrow: steps you can take immediately to impact teaching and learning right now
  4. A Blueprint for Full Implementation: detailed steps for capacity building
  5. Pushback: we anticipate the pushback and show you how to face it head on
  6. The Hack in Action: we demonstrate how someone has actually implemented each hack successfully

Conclusion: We wrap up with some reminders of what’s most important in the book and encouragement to help you start “hacking” tomorrow (you won’t find any 5-year plans here).

Current books in the Hack Learning Series

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Coming Soon from Hack Learning

    • Hacking Parenthood
    • Hacking Classroom Management
    • Hacking Mathematics
    • Hacking School Culture 
    • Hacking Writer’s Workshop
    • Hacking Early Childhood Learning
    • Hacking Back to School

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  1. I finally googled “hack learning” after seeing it all over Twitter for months now and it looks like just the sort of thing I need to help me solve a number of problems that are driving me nuts in the courses I teach.

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