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Hack Learning Series books, brought to you by Times 10 Publications, are some of education’s most popular books, written by educators, authors and presenters–regarded as top experts in their profession. All of these books help you solve big problems with simple ideas. HACK LEARNING: It’s What You Can Do Tomorrow.

Hack Learning books are sold internationally and inspire educators around the globe


10 Quick Fixes For Every School

By Mark Barnes (@markbarnes19) & Jennifer Gonzalez (@cultofpedagogy)

In the award-winning Hacking Education, Mark Barnes and Jennifer Gonzalez employ decades of teaching experience and hundreds of discussions with education thought leaders to show you how to find and hone the quick fixes that every school and classroom need. Using a Hacker’s mentality, they provide one Aha moment after another with 10 Quick Fixes For Every School – solutions to everyday problems and teaching methods that any teacher or administrator can implement immediately.

“Barnes and Gonzalez don’t just solve problems; they turn teachers into hackers – a transformation that is right on time.”  — Don Wettrick, Author of Pure Genius

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Hacking Project Based Learning - Hack Learning Series book 910 Easy Steps to PBL and Inquiry in the Classroom

By Ross Cooper (@rosscoops31) and Erin Murphy (@murphysmusings5)

As questions and mysteries around PBL and inquiry continue to swirl, experienced classroom teachers and school administrators Ross Cooper and Erin Murphy have written a book that will empower those intimidated by PBL to cry, “I can do this!” while at the same time providing added value for those who are already familiar with the process. Hacking Project Based Learning demystifies what PBL is all about with 10 hacks that construct a simple path that educators and students can easily follow to achieve success.

Hacking Project Based Learning is a classroom essential. Its ten simple ‘hacks’ will guide you through the process of setting up a learning environment in which students will thrive from start to finish.” — Daniel H. Pink, New York Times Bestselling Author of DRIVE

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10 Ways Great Leaders Inspire Learning That Teachers, Students, and Parents Love

Hacking LeadershipBy Joe Sanfelippo (@joesanfelippoFC) and Tony Sinanis (@tonysinanis)

In the runaway bestseller Hacking Leadership, renowned school leaders Joe Sanfelippo and Tony Sinanis bring readers inside schools that few stakeholders have ever seen – places where students not only come first but have a unique voice in teaching and learning. Sanfelippo and Sinanis ignore the bureaucracy that stifles many leaders, focusing instead on building a culture of engagement, transparency, and most important, fun. Hacking Leadership has superintendents, principals, and teacher leaders around the world employing strategies they never before believed possible.

“The authors do a beautiful job of helping leaders focus inward, instead of outward. This is an essential read for leaders who are, or want to lead, learner-centered schools.” — George Couros, Author of The Innovator’s Mindset

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Designing Compassionate Classrooms

By Angela Stockman and Ellen Feig Gray (@angelastockman @ellenfeiggray)

Bullying prevention and character building programs are deepening our awareness of how today’s kids struggle and how we might help, but many agree: They aren’t enough to create school cultures where students and staff flourish. This inspired Angela Stockman and Ellen Feig Gray to begin seeking out systems and educators who were getting things right.

“This book is chock-full of easy-to-implement actions that are kind to you, your students, and the environment you’re creating in your classroom.” –Megan McDonough, CEO and Co-Founder, Wholebeing Institute

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5 Teaching Strategies That Turn Writer’s Workshop Into a Maker Space

By Angela Stockman (@angelastockman)

Everyone’s favorite education blogger and writing coach, Angela Stockman, turns teaching strategies and practices upside down in the bestselling, Make Writing. She spills you out of your chair, shreds your lined paper, and launches you and your writer’s workshop into the maker space! Stockman provides five right-now writing strategies that reinvent instruction and inspire both young and adult writers to express ideas with tools that have rarely, if ever, been considered. Make Writing is a fast-paced journey inside Stockman’s Western New York Young Writer’s Studio, alongside the students there who learn how to write and how to make, employing Stockman’s unique teaching methods.

“Offering suggestions for using new materials in old ways, thoughtful questions, and specific tips for tinkering and finding new audiences, this refreshing book is inspiring and practical in equal measure.” — Amy Ludwig VanDerwater, Author and Teacher

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10 Ways to Go Gradeless in a Traditional Grades School

Hacking Assessment - Hack Learning SeriesBy Starr Sackstein (@mssackstein)

In the bestselling Hacking Assessment, award-winning teacher and world-renowned formative assessment expert Starr Sackstein unravels one of education’s oldest mysteries: How to assess learning without grades – even in a school that uses numbers, letters, GPAs, and report cards. While many educators can only muse about the possibility of a world without grades, teachers like Sackstein are reimagining education. In this unique, eagerly-anticipated book, Sackstein shows you exactly how to create a remarkable no-grades classroom like hers, a vibrant place where students grow, share, thrive, and become independent learners who never ask, “What’s this worth?”

The beauty of the book is that it is not an empty argument against grades–but rather filled with valuable alternatives that are practical and will help to refocus the classroom on what matters most.” — Adam Bellow, White House Presidential Innovation Fellow

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50 Tips & Tools to Engage Teachers and Learners Daily

Hacking Engagement: 50 Tips and Tools To Engage Teachers and Learners DailyBy James Alan Sturtevant (@jamessturtevant)

Some students hate your class. Others are just bored. Many are too nice, or too afraid, to say anything about it. Don’t let it bother you; it happens to the best of us. But now, it’s time to engage! In Hacking Engagement, the seventh book in the Hack Learning Series, veteran high school teacher, author, and popular podcaster James Sturtevant provides 50 – that’s right five-oh – tips and tools that will engage even the most reluctant learners daily.

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10 Problems That Need Solving

By Denis Sheeran (@mathdenisNJ)

What if everyone of your students actually loved math? Now, you can make the impossible a reality, and your students will race to complete your math problems. In Hacking Mathematics, teacher, author, and math consultant Denis Sheeran shows you how to hack your instructional approach and assessment procedures, in order to promote an amazing culture of mathematical inquiry and engagement that very few students ever see.

“At the vacant intersection of Practicality and Personality is where you will find the long-awaited Hacking Mathematics!” — Sunil Singh, Author of Pi of Life: The Hidden Happiness of Mathematics

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10 Building Blocks to Success in Pre-K-3 That All Teachers and School Leaders Should Know

By Jessica Cabeen (@jessicacabeen)

In Hacking Early Learning, Kindergarten school leader, early childhood education specialist, and Minnesota State Principal of the Year Jessica Cabeen provides strategies for teachers, principals, and district administrators for best practices in preschool through third grade, including connecting these strategies to all grade levels.

Hacking Early Learning gets to both the heart and mind of our youngest learners. The practical strategies allow the reader to set up an environment that works for everyone in the learning community. If you work with kids, or adults who work with kids, Hacking Early Learning is an essential component to your leadership toolbox.” –Joe Sanfelippo, Superintendent, Fall Creek Schools, Co-author of Hacking Leadership

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10 Ways to Incorporate Library Media Centers into Your Learning Community

By Kristina A. Holzweiss (@lieberrian) and Stony Evans (@stony12270)

In Hacking School Libraries, 2015 School Librarian of the Year, Kristina A. Holzweiss, and 2017 Sensational Student Voice Award finalist, Stony Evans, bring you 10 practical hacks that will help you create a welcoming and exciting school library program. They show you how to rethink your library to become the hub of the school community, whether you are a veteran librarian or just beginning your career.

“When I learned that Kristina and Stony were writing a book to fit into one of my favorite series, I was so excited and couldn’t think of a better duo to do so! School librarians will find Hacking School Librariessuch an amazing read and resource in so many ways. The hacks found in this book are terrific for any grade level and will help guide librarians to make a difference in their library, school, and community!” –Shannon McClintock Miller, Teacher Librarian and Iowa Future Ready Librarian Spokesperson

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10 Strategies That Inspire Learning Outside the Classroom

By Starr Sackstein (@mssackstein) and Connie Hamilton (@conniehamilton)

Learning outside the classroom is being reimagined, and student engagement is better than ever. World-renowned author/educator Starr Sackstein has changed how teachers around the world look at traditional grades. Now she’s teaming with veteran educator, curriculum director, and national presenter Connie Hamilton to bring you 10 powerful strategies for teachers and parents that promise to inspire independent learning at home, without punishments or low grades.

“Starr Sackstein and Connie Hamilton have assembled a book full of great answers to the question, ‘How can we make homework engaging and meaningful?’ ” — Doug Fisher and Nancy Frey, Authors and Presenters

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99 Ways to Leverage Google Tools in Classrooms, Schools, and Districts

By Brad Currie (@bradmcurrie), Billy Krakower (@wkrakower), and Scott Rocco (@ScottRRocco)

If you could do more with Google than search, what would it be? Would you use Google Hangouts to connect students to cultures around the world? Would you finally achieve a paperless workflow with Classroom? Would you inform and engage stakeholders district-wide through Blogger? Now, you can say Yes to all of these, because Currie, Krakower, and Rocco remove the limits in Hacking Google for Education, giving you 99 Hacks in 33 chapters, covering Google in a unique way that benefits all stakeholders.

“Connected educators have long sought a comprehensive resource for implementing blended learning with G Suite. Hacking Google for Education superbly delivers with a plethora of classroom-ready solutions and linked exemplars.” — Dr. Robert R. Zywicki, Superintendent of Weehawken Township School District 

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50 Teacher Tools That Will Make Students Love Your Class

Hacking Engagement AgainBy James Alan Sturtevant (@jamessturtevant)

50 Student Engagement Hacks just weren’t enough. 33-year veteran classroom teacher, James Alan Sturtevant, wowed teachers with the original Hacking Engagement, which contained 50 Tips and Tools to Engage Teachers and Learners Daily. Those educators and students got better, but they craved more. So, longtime educator and wildly popular student engager Sturtevant is Hacking Engagement Again!

“This book is packed with ideas that can be implemented right away: Some creatively weave technology into instruction, others are just plain creative, and all of them are smart. Plus, the QR codes take the reader to so many more fantastic resources. With this book in hand, every teacher will find ways to freshen up their teaching and make it fun again!” — Jennifer Gonzalez, Bestselling Author, Speaker, and CEO at CultOfPedagogy.com

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10 Ways to Launch EdTech Missions in Your Classroom

By Shelly Sanchez Terrell (@ShellTerrell)

In Hacking Digital Learning Strategies, international EdTech presenter and NAPW Woman of the Year Shelly Sanchez Terrell demonstrates the power of EdTech Missions–lessons and projects that inspire learners to use web tools and social media to innovate, research, collaborate, problem-solve, campaign, crowd fund, crowdsource, and publish. The 10 Missions in Hacking DLS are more than enough to transform how teachers integrate technology, but there’s also much more here. Included in the book is a 38-page Mission Toolkit, complete with reproducible mission cards, badges, polls, and other handouts that you can copy and distribute to students immediately. 

“The secret to Shelly’s success as an education collaborator on a global scale is that she shares information most revered by all educators, information that is original, relevant, vetted, and proven, combining technology with proven education methodology in the classroom. This book provides relevance to a 21st century educator.” —Thomas Whitby, Author, Podcaster, Blogger, Consultant, Co-founder of #Edchat 

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10 Mantras You Can Use Daily to Reduce the Stress of Parenting

By Kimberley Moran (@kimberleygmoran)

You throw out consequences willy nilly. You’re tired of solutions that are all or nothing. You’re frustrated with the daily chaos. Enter mantras, invaluable parenting anchors wrapped in tidy packages. These will become your go-to tools to calm your mind, focus your parenting, and concentrate on what you want for your kids. Kimberley Moran is a parent and a teacher who works tirelessly to find best practices for simplifying parenting and maximizing parent-child communication. Using 10 Parent Mantras as cues to stop time and reset, Moran shares concrete ways to parent with intention and purpose, without losing your cool.

“Great book with practical advice for parents, with wisdom that can be applied in all aspects of life. Written with a lot of compassion in a very friendly, engaging way.” — Devorah Blachor, author of The Feminist Guide to Raising a Little Princess

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10 Ideas To Help You Become the Type of Teacher They Make Movies About

By Mike Roberts (@baldroberts)

Learn the 10 ideas you can use today to create the classroom any great movie teacher would love.

Utah English Teacher of the Year and sought-after speaker Mike Roberts brings you 10 quick and easy classroom management hacks that will make your classroom the place to be for all your students. He shows you how to create an amazing learning environment that actually makes discipline, rules and consequences obsolete, no matter if you’re a new teacher or a 30-year veteran teacher.

“Hollywood might not make a movie about you, even if you read and apply every suggestion in this book, but you and your students are much more likely to feel like classroom stars because of it. Mike writes from experience; he’s learned, sometimes the hard way, what works and what doesn’t, and he shares those lessons in this fine little book. The book is loaded with specific, easy-to-apply suggestions that will help any teacher create and maintain a classroom where students treat one another with respect, and where they learn.” –– Chris Crowe, English Professor at BYU, Past President of ALAN, author of Death Coming Up the Hill, Getting Away with Murder: The True Story of the Emmett Till Case; Mississippi Trial, 1955; and many other YA books

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Redesign with Making in Mind

By Angela Stockman (@AngelaStockman)

Agility matters. This is what Angela Stockman learned when she left the classroom over a decade ago to begin supporting young writers and their teachers in schools. What she learned transformed her practice and led to the publication of her primer on this topic: Make Writing: 5 Teaching Strategies that Turn Writer’s Workshop Into a Maker Space. Now, Angela is back with more stories from the road and plenty of new thinking to share.

“Good writing is good thinking. This is a book about how to think better, for yourself and with others.” –– Dave Gray, Founder of XPLANE, and Author of The Connected Company,
Gamestorming, and Liminal Thinking

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10 Strategies for Amazing Learning in a Standardized World

Hacking the Common CoreBy Michael Fisher (@fisher1000)

In Hacking the Common Core, longtime teacher and CCSS specialist Mike Fisher shows you how to bring fun back to learning, with 10 amazing hacks for teaching all Core subjects, while engaging students and making learning fun. Fisher’s experience and insights help teachers and parents better understand close reading, balancing fiction and nonfiction, using projects with the Core, and much more. Hacking the Common Core provides read-tonight-implement-tomorrow strategies for teaching the standards in fun and engaging ways, improving teaching and learning for students, parents, and educators.

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5 Ways To Turn Any Classroom Into a Culture Of Readers

Hacking LiteracyBy Gerard Dawson (@gerarddawson3)

In Hacking Literacy, classroom teacher, author, and reading consultant Gerard Dawson reveals 5 simple ways any educator or parent can turn even the most reluctant reader into a thriving, enthusiastic lover of books. Dawson cuts through outdated pedagogy and standardization, turning reading theory into practice, sharing valuable reading strategies, and providing what Hack Learning Series readers have come to expect – actionable, do-it-tomorrow strategies that can be built into long-term solutions.

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Innovative Solutions for Teachers and Leaders

Hack Learning AnthologyEdited by Mark Barnes (@markbarnes19)

Anthology brings you the most innovative education Hacks from the first nine books in the Hack Learning Series. Written by twelve award-winning classroom teachers, principals, superintendents, college instructors, and international presenters, Anthology is every educator’s new problem-solving handbook. It is both a preview of nine other books and a full-fledged, feature-length blueprint for solving your biggest school and classroom problems.

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The Revolutionary Hack Learning Formula

Hack Learning brings What You Can Do Tomorrow solutions to many of your biggest teaching and learning problems, using our revolutionary problem-solving formula.

The Hack Learning formula is founded on decades of research and practice from some of the best educators and school leaders in the world.

When asked, “What do you want most in an education book,” most teachers said they wanted practical strategies they could use immediately. Enter our revolutionary formula, pictured above.

More from Times 10 Books


Understanding Apathy, Engagement, and Motivation in the Classroom

By Adam Chamberlin and Sveti Matejic (@pomme_ed)

In Quit Point: Understanding Apathy, Engagement, and Motivation in the Classroom, authors Chamberlin and Matejic present a new way of approaching those issues. The Quit Point–their theory on how, why, and when people quit and how to stop quitting before it happens–will transform how teachers reach the potential of each and every student.

Quit Point reveals:

  • How to confront apathy and build student engagement
  • How to differentiate learning for all levels,
  • The best way to plan and assess learning to discourage quitting
  • Interventions to challenge students to keep going
  • How to experience a happier, more fulfilling, teaching experience
  • Applications and toolkits to help you address Quit Point, starting tomorrow

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Your Roadmap to Being the Teacher They Never Forget

By Chuck Poole (@cpoole27)

Veteran teacher, blogger, podcaster, and presenter Chuck Poole provides 10 destinations that will give you the inspiration and knowledge you need to take action and impact students in and out of your classroom, in uNforgettable, Book 1 in the uNseries

Along the way, you will learn how to

  • Create the kind of learning environment that students will enjoy
  • Remain positive and love every student you teach, even on days when this seems impossible
  • Encourage student ownership and embrace failure as a strength, providing feedback that leads to success
  • Find a work-life balance and build an inner circle of colleagues you can trust
  • Teach forward: make your content contagious and define your purpose as a teacher
  • Use goal cards, monthly mingles, and other practical strategies that are the foundation of the inspirational teaching
  • Be resilient, so the rigors of teaching never stop you from completing your mission

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