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Longtime teacher, bestselling author, and original education Hacker Mark Barnes is taking old school to task and giving you right now solutions for your biggest problems, in brief, no-nonsense episodes of the Hack Learning Podcast.

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Praise for the Podcast

It’s all about the #HACK

Take those “life hacks” we see advertised on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other forms of social media and distill them for educators! This podcast is an essential for ANY educator who wants to make their classroom more effective, efficient, and managed. Great ideas! Great connections! . . . take 10 minutes of your drive or your workout for some quick PD and great ideas! –LFosterPES

It Fires Me Up

I love the practical user-ready tips that I’ve gotten listening to the Hack Learning Podcast. It fires me up and gets me excited to get back into the classroom! –Kellange123

Quick and engaging listen!

Short, engaging and relevant. Keep it up –Justin Birckbichler


Another amazing review!

Yet another great Hack Learning product!

Mark Barnes asks the tough questions we face in the world of education and provides thoughtful and balanced ideas that often can be implemented right away (the hacks!). We need more discourse around the big issues we face to improve education for all kids. This podcast is short and full of great conversation.  –Whalen76

Simple, Clear and Useful

Mark Barnes delivers practical and thoughtful insights straight up, with no extra fluff and no messing around. He cares deeply about getting education right, and that comes right through in every episode. –GonzJenn

A Must Listen

Mark Barnes pushes you out of your comfort zone and challenges you to question everything you think you know about learning and teaching. –MW4567

Motivational Minutes

This is great podcast for teachers/leaders who want to be inspired and know actionable steps towards making a difference in education. Timely, relevant, succinct. –SandeeTeach

Individual Episodes 

93 –  Hacking Your Thin Skin – Hack Learning Uncut

92 – The Glass Classroom and Happy Birthday to a Book

91 – Throw Out Old-School EdTech – Hack Learning Uncut

90 – Toni’s Template for Engaging Reluctant Learners (plus a sneak peek at Hacking Engagement Again)

89 – How to Break Up With Nightly Homework

88 – Sifting Through Internet Noise with Google Alerts

87 – DraftEDU: With the Number 1 Pick Hack Learning Selects

86 – 3 Simple Ways to Stop Bullying that Don’t Require a Longterm Plan

85 – How to Teach Kids to Police Themselves on Social Media

Hacking Google for Education

Look Inside Now

84 – How Jurassic Park Made Hackers Heroic

83 – How Moving Gives Kids a Real-World Learning Experience

82 – How to Improve Reading with the 80/20 Analysis with Gerard Dawson

81 – How to Be the Best Teacher Every Day

80 – Hacking Powerful People: Inspiration from Meryl Streep

79 – Nail Your New Year’s Resolution: Published Author Shares Her How to Write a Book Blueprint

78 – How to Eliminate Both Homework and Grades with Starr Sackstein

77 – How to Overcome PBL Paralysis: Sneak Peek Inside Hacking Project Based Learning

76 – Hacking PD: What Do You Want?

75 – How to Tell Kids Their Teacher Has Cancer with Justin Birckbichler

74 – Passion Projects for Adults

73 – Hacking Whole Child Education with a SAAC with Valerie Lewis

72 – Uncut – Hacking Independent Learning with author Connie Hamilton

71 – EdTech and the 4 Cs

70 – Hack Learning Uncut – Shift the Mindset and Throw Out Homework

69 –  How One Simple Tool Helps Uncover Your Biases

Hack Learning podcast

Yes! I’ll subscribe.

68 – Hack Learning Uncut – How to Do Projects Right

67 – 5 Simple Ways to Integrate Core Values into Everyday Teaching and Learning with Casey Ewy

66 – Hack Learning Uncut – Riffing on Rigor in Education

65 – How to Discuss Politics and Other Sensitive Issues in School

64 – 3 Keys That Unlock the Door to Student Engagement with Hacking Engagement author James Sturtevant

63 – Hacking School Discipline: How to Throw Out Detention and Other Lame Punishments

62 – 3 Hacky Ways to Remember Things with Memory Athlete Brad Zupp

61 – Hacking Teacher Mistakes with My Bad Host Jon Harper

60 – How to Lighten the 20.2-Pound Backpack and Reimagine Traditional Homework

59 – 3 Ways to Turn Failure into Success with Bestselling Author Jessica Lahey

58 – Hacking Master Teachers: 10 Habits of the Greats

57 – 3 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Bring Relevance to Every Lesson with Denis Sheeran

56 – Journey of a First-Year Leader with Naomi Austin

55 – Hacking Positivity: 3 Surefire Ways to Make Stakeholders Smile

54 – Hacking Engagement with author/expert James Sturtevant

53 – Gerald Aungst Shares Ways to Make Kids Love Math

52 – Don’t Sniff the Glue: How to De-standardize School With Dawn Casey-Rowe

51 – Don Wettrick Is Hacking Innovation and Taking 20% Time to a New Level

50 – Hacking Streaming Video: Breaking Down the Walls of School

49 – How Kindle Instant Preview Can Rescue Reluctant Readers

48 – 3 Guaranteed Ways to Improve Teaching and Learning Tomorrow

47 – How New School Leaders Create Culture, Empowerment, and Collaboration

46 – How to Use Social Media to Build a Powerful Learning Community

45 – Hacking Homework Again. Your assignment is. . .

44 – How to Unflip the Flipped Classroom

43 – Hack Learning 101: How to Vox Your Way to Success

42 – Hacking the Backchannel: Inspired Learning in the Digital World

41 – Hacking Live Chats with 4 Twitter Gurus

40 – Hack Learning 101: How Self-Evaluation Changes Practice

39 – How to Find Your Avatar

38 – Hacking English Language Learning with Fluency MC

37 – Hack Learning 101: The Power of Periscope

36 – How to Escape School Chaos with a TQZ

35 – 5 Quick Tips for Becoming a Lead Learner


34 – Hack Learning 101 — Breaking Down the Walls

33 – Hacking School Culture — Lead from the Middle

32 – Hack Learning 101 — Genius Hour for Passion Projects

31 – Hacking the End of the School Year — Amazing Learning in May

30 – Hacking Report Cards — Successful Student Self-Grading

29 – Hack Learning 101 — Twitter Hashtags

28 – Hacking the Podcast — Create Yours in Minutes

27 – Hacking EdTech

26 – Teach One Lesson — to the World!

25 – Hacking the Message

24 – Hacking the Shout

23 – Hacking Inquiry Based Learning

22 – Hacking College Admissions

21 – Hacking Assessment

Hacking Project Based Learning - Hack Learning Series book 9

Look Inside Now

20 – Hacking Classroom Participation

19 – Hacking Classroom Management

18 – Hacking the Worksheet

17 – Hacking Literacy

16 – Hacking Connected Education

15 — Hacking the Test (Part 2)

14 – Hacking Digital Citizenship

13 – The One-Letter Hack

12 – Hacking the Late Policy

11 – Hacking Professional Growth

10 – Hacking Rapport Building

9 – Hacking Leadership

8 – Hacking the Workplace Meeting

7 – Hacking Homework

6 – Hacking the Test

5 – Hacking the Share

4 – Hacking Old School

3 – Hacking the Pineapple

2 – Hacking Mastery Learning

1 – Hacking the Education Podcast

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