How to Improve End of Year Grades: Hack Learning Twitter Chat

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Hacker extraordinairre Starr Sackstein, author of Hacking Assessment and co-author of Hacking Homework, moderates a discussion about helping students improve on end-of-year assessment. Yes, you can reflect without grades.

Review the chat archive below for all the powerful information, and rethink how you assess learning.

Follow Starr on Twitter @mssackstein and check out Hacking Assessment now and Hacking Homework in October of 2016.

Don’t miss the live #HackLearning Twitter chat, every Sunday at 8:30 AM ET. 

Can’t make it to the live chat? Check out our chat archive here.

Author: Mark Barnes

Mark Barnes is a longtime educator and the Founder of Times 10, which produces the popular Hack Learning Series, the uNseries, and other books for teachers and learners. To connect with Mark follow @markbarnes19 on Twitter.

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