How to Improve End of Year Grades: Hack Learning Twitter Chat

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Hacker extraordinairre Starr Sackstein, author of Hacking Assessment and co-author of Hacking Homework, moderates a discussion about helping students improve on end-of-year assessment. Yes, you can reflect without grades.

Review the chat archive below for all the powerful information, and rethink how you assess learning.

Follow Starr on Twitter @mssackstein and check out Hacking Assessment now and Hacking Homework in October of 2016.

Don’t miss the live #HackLearning Twitter chat, every Sunday at 8:30 AM ET. 

Can’t make it to the live chat? Check out our chat archive here.

Author: Mark Barnes

Mark Barnes is the Founder and CEO of Times 10 Publications, which produces the popular Hack Learning Series. Barnes presents internationally on assessment, connected education, and Hack Learning. Join more than 125,000 interested educators who follow @markbarnes19 on Twitter.

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