You Can Teach One Lesson to the World; What Is It?


Here’s your chance. You’ve got the ear of every child in the world. You can teach them one lesson. What will it be?

A discussion about teaching kids one important lesson, prompted the image at the top of this post and the hashtag #TeachOneLesson on Twitter.

Lots of discussion ensued, and the ideas about teaching one valuable lesson continue on Twitter today.

The Hack Learning podcast episode embedded above discusses the power of the #TeachOneLesson movement.

Please share your own favorite lessons for kids on the twitter feed and in our comment section below.

teachonelesson twitter feed -- Hack Learning

A few replies to #TeachOneLesson

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2 thoughts on “You Can Teach One Lesson to the World; What Is It?

  1. If I had the ear of every child in the world to #TeachOneLesson, I would say (among others) “Don’t take shortcuts in life, they cut you short. Shortcuts are not necessarily better. Seek the right way and follow it”

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