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In Episode 56 of the Hack Learning Podcast, Missouri school principal Naomi Austin shares her journey as a school leader, just completing her first year. Austin explains a new leader mistake she made and how she turned that apparent loss into a victory with her staff.

Plus, she provides excellent advice for new and veteran leaders in classic Hack Learning style–with What You Can Do Tomorrow tips to build rapport with your stakeholders and to maintain momentum throughout the school year.

Hacking Leadership

More about Austin’s Journey of a First-Year Leader

  • Austin explains her early struggle with the decision to leave the classroom to become a principal (time index 3:00 on the audio embedded above).
  • A surprising problem Austin faced and how she hacked it (time index 9:55).
  • Using Google Forms and Badges to incentivize teachers to improve their EdTech skills (time index 12:50).
  • How Austin overcame self-doubt (time index 15:20)

Connect with Naomi Austin on Twitter @AustinELA8.

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