YouTube Sensation Fluency MC Is Hacking English Language Learning

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Jason Levine, known as Fluency MC on YouTube and in schools around the world, might be the ultimate hacker of English Language Learning.

In fact, Levine was hacking the English Language Learner years before Hack Learning existed.

As teaching and learning hackers, we see problems from a different lens and we finesse each problem by combining assets and resources in ways that most people don’t consider.

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When channeling Fluency MC–a unique combination of teacher and rapper–Levine combines reading, writing, music, and singing in ways we’ve never seen. The result? A new kind of 21st-century English Language Learning (see for yourself in the video below).

3 Language Learning Hacks from Fluency MC

“English is everywhere,” Levine says, but getting kids to practice outside of school is challenging. They must want to do it. Here are three easy tips from Fluency MC that make hacking English Language Learning easy.

1 — Inspire kids to choose their practice: Levine warns that if it feels like they’re being forced to learn the language, student’s won’t want to learn it. So, instead of using old-school activities, encourage English Language Learners to explore music and videos online, where they can mimic what they see and hear pronunciations while having fun.

English is everywhere on the Internet. If students feel comfortable listening to songs, watching video clips in English, then they’ll do it.

2 — Encourage language learners to use social media: Social networks remove the pressure to write a lot, which can be daunting for students learning a new language.

Short answers, short questions, informal language, and immediate responses make it more like real life conversation, even though it’s chatting and writing.

3 — Connect practice, accuracy, and fluency: It’s important for students to understand that practicing English builds accuracy and accuracy creates confidence, which will ultimately lead to fluency.

This is the way to think about what we’re doing with English Language Learners. When students have that high accuracy, they have confidence; then fluency is the result.

Check out more cool videos from Fluency MC. Learn all about him at his website and follow him on Twitter @fluencyMC

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