Hacking the Worksheet – How to Engage Students at All Levels

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In this episode, we enlist the help of seven experienced educators, who share various ways teachers can engage students in learning, without using the traditional worksheet.

These education hackers teach at all levels in various subjects, demonstrating that the old worksheet is obsolete in any classroom. This is Hacking the Worksheet.

Interact with our experts

Shana White (@shanavwhite) teaches nutrition by inviting students to eat at a restaurant and examine the amount of calories they ingest.

Angela Gonzalez (@missdoes5th) teaches elementary students to explore and find answers using scavenger hunts and the online game/quiz tool, Kahoot.

Camron Nystrom (@nystrom5402) teaches chemistry students using the “Balancing Equations Race,” which allows students to balance equations together, while racing against the clock.

Jennifer Gwilt (@Mrs_Gwilt) teaches high school math and uses the “rotation model,” in which students collaborate in small groups to solve problems, before rotating to another group for a new challenge.

Ryan Archer replaces worksheets with Google slides. Students collaborate on slide shows, sharing information they’ve learned in class.

Emeritus Professor John Bennett (@jcbjr) suggests replacing worksheets with newspapers and encouraging students to discover what’s important about various articles and explain why they want to explore the topics further.

Martha Lackey (@lackeymartha) poses questions with Google Classroom, encouraging English Language Learners to answer in English or to explain their difficulties with the question in their native language.

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Author: Hack Learning Team

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