How to Use Social Media to Build a Powerful Learning Community

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If you want to build an engaged, vibrant learning community at your school and in your school district, you need to connect with teachers, parents, and community leaders on social media.

School principal, connected educator and author of the popular Learning and Leading education blog, Bethany Hill, joins Mark Barnes in Hack Learning Podcast Episode 46 to discuss community building in and around schools, using the power of social networks, blogs, online courses and other social sharing tools.

Building a successful learning community, according to Bethany Hill, is about transparency and sharing:

Being transparent and open to sharing with families, community and even beyond is a way to build trust; it’s a way to make people feel more involved and to see inside. It’s a way to tear the walls of the school down.

Hill also says that school leaders must empower teachers by providing opportunities for them to grow professionally through social media and other online resources, so they can become more efficient at helping to build strong learning communities.

One of my favorite moments is when a teacher pops her head in and says, ‘Hey, do you have a minute? I have something I want to share with you.’ You can see that glow and that excitement in their eyes when they have found something that they think will work for kids.

For more about building learning communities, listen to the entire podcast episode embedded above.

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