Hack Learning 101: Breaking Down the Walls of Teaching and Learning

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In another brief Hack Learning 101 podcast episode, Mark Barnes provides a quick tip for looking inside the lives of educators and schools, using Periscope live streaming video.

@MarkBarnes19 explains how to break down the walls of teaching and learning with monthly #PassTheScopeEDU events–live streaming videos from more than a dozen educators, opening the doors to their classrooms and homes, in order to reveal exactly how they teach and learn.

Atlanta educator Valerie Lewis opens this episode of Hack Learning 101, explaining how educators around the globe are giving people a glimpse into their classrooms and lives, via live videos that you can actually interact with, during each broadcast.


What — day-long Periscope videos from an array of educators, inviting you into their lives and breaking down the walls of teaching and learning

When — One Thursday each month, beginning May 19 at 9 AM PST and continuing throughout the day until 11:30 PM PST

Details — Educators will share live videos about teaching and learning, using Periscope, which you can easily find linked on Twitter at #PassTheScopeEDU

The 411 on Periscope

It’s all about live streaming video–Think Netflix but hosted by real people, who allow you to interact with them on your mobile device. Learn more about Periscope in the Small Business Trends article below, and check out the next #PassTheScopeEDU event and tell us what you think of breaking down the walls of teaching and learning.

What is Periscope and How Do I Use It?

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