How to Show Off Your Inner Education Hacker

Grab Hack Learning gear from our store

Grab Hack Learning gear from our store

During a recent Twitter chat, I shared a picture of a Hack Learning T-Shirt; it was just a mockup of an idea. The chat began buzzing with tweets of “Where can I get a shirt like that?”

Hack Learning is a movement that is helping all education stakeholders reimagine problem solving. Hack Learning Series books provide right-now solutions to some of our biggest problems. The bestselling Hacking Education is available in paperback, eBook and audiobook formats, and two more HLS books will drop before the end of this year.

People are hungry for the kind of change that Hack Learning proposes–solving problems immediately, without an act of Congress or a 5-year plan.

With the growing popularity of Hack Learning and the Education Hacker philosophy, it’s time to show of your inner hacker.

Enter the Hack Learning Store

The new Hack Learning Store offers a variety of gear, so you can tell the world about Hack Learning.

Hack Learning T-Shirts and mugs sport our famous logo, book covers, catchy mantras, and great quotes.

Now you can show off the education hacker inside you with a quick visit to the Hack Learning Store.

Want more gear? Tell us what you’d like in the comment section here and at hashtag #HackLearning on Twitter.