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Twitter Gives You Two Videos in One

Not only does Twitter’s in-app video feature give you and students a great opportunity to easily create and tweet short videos, it stores the videos on your device for posterity.

Now, after tweeting your video to the world, why not upload it to Youtube and embed it on a blog post like this one?

Imagine the possibilities for this feature in the classroom.

As of this post, Twitter’s in-app video is only available on iPhone. The feature will soon be available on Android and other mobile devices.

So, shoot a video today; tweet it to #HackLearningSeries. Then, upload it to Youtube and embed it on your favorite blog or website. Create an amazing library of 30-second hacks.

Soon, you’ll be a Hack Learning star.

Twitter video

Hacking Twitter: Video and Social Media Engage All Learners

Check out the power of Twitter’s in-app video feature, which marries social networking and video–two irresistible digital learning tools.

Consider what you can do as a teacher with this amazing feature. Engage all students in learning in a variety of ways with video, which they love.

Create your own learning hacks today and post them to the Twitter hashtag #HackLearningSeries.

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Hack Learning Series editor Mark Barnes

What Do Hackers See?

Hackers see things differently. Hackers see solutions that may already exist but are overlooked, because those close to the problem may have personal agendas that get in the way of the solution. This is not uncommon; it makes us human.

For example, in this 30-second learning hack, I explain what Hackers see.

Remember, the Hacker is someone who looks at problems from various angles, considering all of the assets in place that may help solve the problem. So, if we see a faculty meeting outside of school, educators who are conditioned to show up twice monthly in a library or auditorium for a

principal-led faculty meeting, may not see the possibility of a faculty meeting any place else. Our Hackers show you how to make this possible.

Similarly, the Hacker may see a classroom without grades, which seems impossible for most educators, parents and students who have only known one way to assess learning for their entire lives. Our Hackers not only see a no-grades classroom; they’ve taught in them and can show you how to create your own.

Hacking Education

Summer, 2015

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music technology

Engaging Learners with Music

music technology

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Do you use music in your lessons? It doesn’t matter what grade or subject you teach, music is a wonderful interruption and a powerful way to engage all learners.

Check out this 30-second hack on using music in the classroom.

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Hack Learning with Voxer

How to Use Voxer for Amazing Teaching and Learning

Hack Learning with Voxer

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Voxer is a new app that is mobilizing professional development.

With Voxer, you can record your voice and share your recording with selected members of your network. Best of all, you can create special interest groups

Learn more about Voxer for professional development and feedback for learning and see a list of groups you can join at this Brilliant or Insane blog post.