3 Simple Ways to Stop Bullying that Don’t Require a Longterm Plan

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According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 42 percent of students who are bullied report that it happens in school hallways and stairwells.

Thirty-four percent say they’re bullied in the classroom, right under their teachers’ noses.

In an article at Edutopia.org, summarizing the NCES findings, author Stephen Merrill says, “it’s the location data that jumps off the page of the report. While the playground is typically considered the epicenter of bullying, it’s the more transitional spaces—the fast-moving, highly social hallways and stairwells—that dominate the landscape of student harassment.”

In Episode 86 of the Hack Learning Podcast, Mark Barnes shares his three simple ideas for Hacking Bullying, without adopting a new program or creating yet another longterm plan.

What You Can Do Tomorrow

1 – Be vigilant — Teachers must be in the hallways at all times, especially during student transition time. If students are entering your classroom, stand at the door. Greet incoming students while keeping an eye out for any sign of bullying in the hallway.

2 – Team up on the problem — Coordinate with colleagues to use some of your teacher-directed plan time to patrol the school, especially in places where bullying often happens out of the watchful eye of adults.

3 – Be proactive — Identify bullies and bring them in with key stakeholders (parent or guardian, counselor, principal) to create steps to eliminate the bullying. Again, coordinating with colleagues and students to find the bullies and bring them in for conferences is a crucial first step that will lead to longterm success.

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