Better Presenting for Teachers and Learners with Engagement Guru James Sturtevant

James Sturtevant author of Hacking Engagement and Hacking Engagement Again
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Engagement guru James Alan Sturtevant provides simple hacks for better presenting for teachers and students, from his latest book, Hacking Engagement Again: 50 Teacher Tools That Will Make Students Love Your Class.

Sturtevant, host of the Hacking Engagement Podcast, shares some of his best engagement tools and strategies for being the Sage on the Stage (yes, it’s okay when done right), but not boring students, and for eliminating those awful student-presentation days that most teachers (and students) hate.

Sturtevant shares EdPuzzle and other cool EdTech tools and a couple of tricks for engagement that don’t require any technology.

You’ll love Sturtevant’s style, in his interview for the Hack Learning Podcast, embedded above. As he says, Buckle up … you’re going to love the episode.

Engage Leaners with Better Flipped Presentations (from Hacking Engagement Again)


Okay, here’s my problem. In my World Civilization class, all my lectures are flipped. My students are remarkably complimentary of this delivery method.

I feel like my recorded lectures are far superior to my live performances. I guess that’s why I always give a thumbs-down to Pandora’s live tracks; they’re just not quite as smooth as the recorded versions. I wasn’t certain, however, that students were watching my flipped presentations in their entirety.

Hacking Engagement Again

Click the image and look inside now

After all, one could copy lecture notes from a peer. That’s not being engaged; that’s being a slacker. I didn’t think it happened a lot, but I was certain it happened some. Also, I felt a bit disconnected because kids watched my flipped lectures outside of class. I wanted my students’ flipped presentation experience to be more collaborative and engaging.

When I’m stumped, I ask for help. For a more engaging flipped presentation quest, I consulted Jennifer Gonzalez’s magnificent book, The Teacher’s Guide to Tech. This downloadable resource is updated yearly. The version I’m consulting contains one hundred and thirty tech tools. I can’t wait to see what’s added next year! Jennifer’s book contains a section on flipped instruction. I found my solution in minutes!


EDpuzzle is a remarkable free tool. You simply upload your flipped video and then strategically embed prompts. It reminds me of watching an on-demand program. Many cable providers will not allow you to fast-forward, so you must watch the commercials. You can set EDpuzzle so students can’t fast-forward either! They must watch the segment and then respond to the prompt before moving on. The prompts can be multiple choice or extended response.

Another presentation hack from Hacking Engagement Again

Once kids have answered, they hit submit. Teachers can easily access student responses and see if the student even watched the video. It’s a wonderful flipped presentation accountability tool, and it even works seamlessly with Google Classroom. This tool ultimately makes flipped learning more engaging, and it solved my issue perfectly.


Create an EDpuzzle account. EDpuzzle is free and you can use your Google login.

Upload a video. Select CREATE and then NEW VIDEO or UPLOAD VIDEO. EDpuzzle has a vast library to choose from, or you can upload your own YouTube video.

Insert questions using EDpuzzle. . . .

For the rest of this Hack and 49 more from 33-year veteran teacher and student engagement guru James Sturtevant, check out Hacking Engagement Again.

Hacking Engagement Again debuts No. 1 on Amazon!

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