Hack Learning Series editor Mark Barnes

What Do Hackers See?

Hackers see things differently. Hackers see solutions that may already exist but are overlooked, because those close to the problem may have personal agendas that get in the way of the solution. This is not uncommon; it makes us human.

For example, in this 30-second learning hack, I explain what Hackers see.

Remember, the Hacker is someone who looks at problems from various angles, considering all of the assets in place that may help solve the problem. So, if we see a faculty meeting outside of school, educators who are conditioned to show up twice monthly in a library or auditorium for a

principal-led faculty meeting, may not see the possibility of a faculty meeting any place else. Our Hackers show you how to make this possible.

Similarly, the Hacker may see a classroom without grades, which seems impossible for most educators, parents and students who have only known one way to assess learning for their entire lives. Our Hackers not only see a no-grades classroom; they’ve taught in them and can show you how to create your own.

Hacking Education

Summer, 2015

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