Finally! Education Books that Actually Solve Problems

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Are you tired of the same old education books? You know the kind: Literacy training, Leadership strategies, Classroom management, Test preparation. . . . The list of been-there-done-that education books is longer than some interstate freeways.

You work hard. You have problems, and you deserve better. You need real solutions, now. Another 5-year plan isn’t going to cut it.

Welcome to the Hack Learning Series: Education books that solve big problems with simple ideas.

We are a few short months away from launching our first Hack Learning Series book, Hacking Education: 10 Quick Fixes for Every School. Not long after Hacking Education drops, our second book in the series will be published.

In 2016, we plan to publish four Hack Learning books, and every one will solve your biggest teaching and learning problems with amazingly simple ideas that you can implement immediately.

Support the HLS

These powerful books are currently being produced by some of the best education hackers in the world, but we need your support to launch this groundbreaking series.

Please take a look at our fundraising campaign, linked below, ending soon.

Support the Hack Learning Series, and we’ll add you to our Partner page and send along other outstanding perks. In fact, our Partner Level contributors receive Hack Learning books for life.

Thanks for your support. Keep an eye out for Hack Learning books, coming to Amazon, Barnes &  Noble and a bookstore near you.

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