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Hacking Connected Education

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Two popular connected educators discuss the problem of the unconnected educator and share some Right-Now strategies for helping them plug in to incredible professional development on Twitter.

This is Hacking Connected Education. Please share your own ideas for helping unconnected educators get plugged in.

Hacking the test on Hack Learning

Hacking the Test Revisited

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Hacking the Test (Part 1) explains how a test is NOT assessment and how teachers can shift the conversation about learning away from the test.

In this Hack Learning podcast episode, we revisit testing and share a story about how a second-grade teacher and his 7 year olds discover that a one-time test says nothing about learning, and they provide a better alternative to the traditional test.

This is Hacking the Test (Revisited).

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Hacking Digital Citizenship

A simple tweeted picture ignited an ongoing conversation about education technology and its place in schools.

Should we ban mobile devices in classrooms? Should we strengthen network filters? Or should we teach kids boundaries? Hack Learning creator and author of Teaching the iStudent Mark Barnes provides two simple steps for improvement.

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This is Hacking Digital Citizenship.

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The One Letter Hack

What if you could change teaching and learning by taking one word or phrase and changing it?

In Hacking the Common Core, author/expert Mike Fisher reimagines teaching the Common Core, with his one-letter hack. Fisher replaces the “r” in “rigor”, to completely change the climate of today’s classrooms, even in a standardized world.

Fisher makes one wonder if it’s possible to change other areas of teaching and learning by shifting the language in other trendy education words. He suggests that major change is possible if teachers work together to come up with other one-letter or one-word hacks.

Do you have a one-letter or one-word hack? Please share it on Twitter at #HackLearning and/or in our comment section below.

Glass Classroom on Hack Learning

How to Create a Glass Classroom Twitter Chat

The digital world helps teachers and learners make learning transparent. In essence, it helps them build a Glass Classroom.

In this live #HackLearning Twitter chat, we hack transparency in education and explain how all teachers and learners can create an amazing Glass Classroom.

Learn more about the Glass Classroom in the Bestselling Hacking Education: 10 Quick Fixes for Every School.